WorldSkills Services

providing services based on international expertise and best practices for the professional personnel training
for regions and institutions
for business and corporations
for experts and partners
for employees and students

WorldSkills Services

subsidiary of WorldSkills Russia
The provider of commercial solutions and services in the field of building and developing of professional personnel training systems in accordance with the standards and philosophy of WorldSkills.
The company was established in 2018 in order to expand the presence markets, to develop infrastructure in regions and to implement part of the projects. Worldskills Services is provided by:
license rights to use WorldSkills Standards Specifications (WSSS) and training methodologies
license rights to use WorldSkills Russia software products (incl. Competition Information System)
license rights to use the brand and corporate identity elements of WorldSkills Russia
support from WorldSkills Russia and the right to use the capabilities of WSR expert community
Through commercial application of the world's best training practices and popularization of the WorldSkills movement philosophy at the local level, we strive to build in Russia a sustainable system of advanced professional training


International expertise
access to WorldSkills Russia infrastructure, knowledge base, standards, partners and programs
Assortment and geography
basic services and solutions «on order» throughout Russia
Approach to projects
personal customer support, efficiency, flexibility, openness to change
providing a skills passport (an officially recognized proof of a specialist competency)


Consulting and Audit
creation of a professional training system based on Worldskills standards, development of professional standards and personnel development programs, independent assessment of personnel
Championships and training
organizing competitions, teams training and training for enterprises masters and professionals in accordance with the WorldSkills standards
Training and career guidance
training of experts and masters in accordance with the WorldSkills standards, vocational guidance, retraining programs, management skills development
Licensed products and services
production and sale of licensed goods and services under the WorldSkills Russia trademark
Business Incubator (planned)
supporting experts with vocational education business projects
Franchise development (planned)
granting license rights, training, franchisee activities support
Consulting and Audit
Championships and training
Training programs
Licensed products and services


Building and development of professional training system in accordance with the WorldSkills standards and principals
The WorldSkills championships and training infrastructure creation projects
Supporting the work and development of WorldSkills Russia infrastructure in the regions of Russia


Development and support of personnel development programs in accordance with the WorldSkills standardss
Development and implementation of professional standards based on the best WorldSkills practices
Independent human resource assessment and recommendations for development based on WorldSkills standards
Promotion of products and services through the sponsorship of competitions and institutions

CHAMPIONSHIPS (professional skill contests)

Organization of the qualifying, regional, corporate and industry championships
Methodical support of training and competition programs in accordance with the WorldSkills standards
Attraction of sponsorship and charity funds and equipment for championships

TRAINING (preparation for the championships)

Teams preparation for the qualifying, regional, corporate and industry championships
Training for enterprises masters and professionals in accordance with the Worldskills standards


Training of regional and corporate championships experts in accordance to the WorldSkills standards
Training for enterprises masters and professionals in accordance with the Worldskills standards
Career guidance, retraining programs and the acquisition of new qualifications by specialists
Implementation of programs of modern management skills development


You can purchase a license for the production and sale of goods, the organization of services under the WorldSkills Russia trademark in the categories presented below. For more information, email:
specialized clothes and shoes, accessories
professional tools and equipment
books, teaching aids, educational materials, periodicals
commemorative coins, postcards, postage stamps
stationery and school supplies
educational games and constructors
ceramic tile, brick
building materials and mixtures
kitchenware and accessories
costume jewelry and jewelry
products for creativity and sewing
home and garden products
retail operator WorldSkills Championships
organization of competence assessment centers
organization of TV programs
WorldSkills Services LLC
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